A big red button appears in front of you. "Press to restart".

What happens if you push it? What are the risks? What would restart?

What would make you push the button?

  • Indignation at a situation you find unbearable?
  • Curiosity to see what might happen?
  • Fear of the consequences of what is?
  • Nostalgia for the return of what used to be, but no longer is.
  • Or the optimism of seeing a specific idea that we would like to see deployed in the world?

We decided to tackle the biggest questions of our city and ask those who dream it to share with you their vision of our capital.

Reset means to restore something to its original or default state, usually by erasing all settings. Resetting can be done intentionally or as a result of an error or malfunction. The aim of resetting a city is to solve existing problems or challenges and create a more liveable, sustainable and resilient urban environment for its residents and visitors.

How about Resetting Brussels, our global city? In relation to urban planning, infrastructure development, community involvement, public policies or cultural, artistic, technological and scientific initiatives...

We have decided to tackle these big questions by asking those who dream of Brussels to share their Reset for our capital with us. Join us on 20 May at the Théâtre National for the TEDxBrussels 2023 - RESET.



Karim Douieb is one of the founders of Jetpack.AI, a full stack data science company based in Brussels. He holds a Phd in computer science from ULB.

In addition to his work with Jetpack.AI, Karim is also deeply involved in the world of data journalism. He is passionate about using data to tell compelling stories and is constantly seeking new ways to make data more accessible and engaging for audiences.

Talk (FR): The capital of Europe is home to a great diversity, Karim Doueib shows us with the help of very visual maps based on demographic data. He challenges our beliefs about immigration and highlights unsuspected inequalities.


Karen Pesse is a Latin-American Executive at Salesforce, based in Brussels. She is working on key trends shaping the public sector, supporting governments and institutions in their Digital Transformation.

As a female business leader in Europe, Karen has a strong personal interest in shining a light on topics such as gender bias in Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of gender perspectives in technology. 

Talk (EN): Karen de Sousa Pesse alerts us to the dangerous nature of a data-driven world where women are underrepresented creating a massive bias in many areas: security, healthcare, work, administrative procedure, etc.


Nicknamed ‘the philosopher of tech’, Laurent Hublet is a Belgian entrepreneur, who champions investment in human capital and skills. He founded BeCentral, one of the largest tech campuses in Europe in terms of the number of people (re)trained, with the belief that every citizen, regardless of their age, gender, colour or culture, should have the opportunity to become an actor of the digital revolution.

Talk (EN): Laurent Hublet shares with us the history of a place in Brussels now identified as a key institution in the birth of the Web and search engines: Le Palais Mondial.


Pauline Dubois is an entrepreneur, passionate for social impact and committed to improving the lives of others.
Her second company, microsteps, unleashes the potential of employees in the work environment. Strong believer of the Wellbeing Economy, she volunteer in supporting the human capital’s development in the Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles for startups facing challenges.

Talk (FR): Using the analogy of sport, Pauline Dubois opens up new perspectives for improving the health of the people of Brussels by taking into account the impact of prevention and well-being.


In 2002, Kenza's parents, Habiba and Ahmed, were brutally murdered by their neighbour in Schaerbeek. She decided to undertake a long quest for truth, meaning and knowledge to make this tragedy serve as a lesson.

During her numerous humanitarian trips and in the framework of her studies, she nourished the deep conviction of the necessity of the work of memory, of the transmission and of a culture of peace. 20 years later, in 2022, she founded the Habiba Ahmed Foundation.

Talk (FR): Kenza Isnasni shares her personal experience of resilience after the assassination of her parents 20 years ago. Today, she spreads her message to new generations through her foundation.


Hilde Stenuit is a Principal Scientist at Space Applications Services and holds a PhD in astrophysics from the KU Leuven.

With her experience supporting the European Space Agency in facilitating science in microgravity, Hilde is now at the European forefront of pioneering commercial access to space for research and technologies, for the benefit of all of us earthlings. 

Talk (EN): Hilde Stenuit provides access to Space to go beyond the Earth's limits! She demonstrates Space's relevance for drug research and envisions the future of 3D bio-printing of organs off-planet to save lives on Earth.


Virginijus Sinkevičius is the Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, at the European Commission. He was from 2017 to 2019 Minister of Economy, and before he was leading the Committee of Economy at the Parliament of Lithuania.

Mr. Sinkevičius was elected to the Parliament in October 2016. Prior, he was a Team Lead for Regulatory Affairs at Invest Lithuania.


Dmytro was born into a Soviet officer family in Weimar, East Germany in 1988, and later moved to Kyiv when he was 7. After studying cybernetics and informatics, he worked in IT for 13 years in different roles, including software engineer, business analyst, and product manager. When Russia started the war in February 2022, he put his IT career on hold and founded Repair.Together with friends, a community that involves volunteers in overcoming the consequences of the war.



Originally from Tournai, Youssef Swatt's is a rapper and writing workshop facilitator. Passionate about the French language since childhood, he took his first steps in rap at the age of 14 and was soon noticed thanks to his melancholic and touching pen.
At the age of 25, he has already released 5 albums and performed in hundreds of venues in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Senegal. He has recently collaborated with artists such as Oxmo Puccino and the legendary group IAM.


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she is a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and dance entrepreneur. She received her BFA in Dance & Sociology from the University of Michigan and has since worked internationally as an independent artist as well as with a number of companies and artist. In her work, she is interested in interaction with audiences, philosophy, and investigating how the history and culture of art forms is directly related to the human condition and expression.

Perfomance (EN): Briana Ashley Stuart always enjoy movement and dance. When she perfoms stepping, coming from african american communities, she feels history in her veins and share with us the power of create rhythm and sound only with human body.


LEARN TO ACCEPT (team red)
Creating a virtuous circle in continuity with the topics discussed by the RESET speakers is our goal! We want to invite our participants to start a journey of reflection and help each of them in their journey, by accepting to take a first step...

The following partners will be present in the workshops LEARN TO ACCEPT:

- Yoda will invite us to move differently

- Bureau d'études Plain-Pied will enable us to be more empathetic

- Google Digital Atelier Belgium will accompany us in this transition


We all have a good resolution, an idea we want to start or a dream we keep in the corner of our mind... You will be invited to give a boost to your project, leave with an open mind and say "why not?"  

Discover the partners who want to help you do this in the LEARN TO UNDERSTAND workshops:
Felobel will help us think outside the box and rethink the way we think about the labour market 
CREDAL will make us aware of social finance and its impact  

LEARN TO LEARN (team blue)

Did you know that we learn 90% of what we experience ? That's why, thanks to the workshops planned between the talks, we will put into practice what our speakers have taught us.

The following partners will lead the LEARN TO LEARN workshops: will make it easier for us to get in touch throughout the event
Get Your Way will facilitate the way we work together
Kaleido interieur will invite us to challenge our housing
KINGCUSTOMER will accompany us in the way we apply design thinking

LEARN TO BE STRONGER (team yellow)

The User Experience (UX) team has been preparing immersion moments for months in order to accompany each participant to pursue the reflections presented on stage. We will highlight your strengths and initiate a change... Why not your own reset?

Those UX partners will be present to lead the LEARN TO BE STRONGER workshops:
- Neolis will teach us to discover our strengths and what we can do with them
- Humaneo Coaching will help us to develop our potential and increase it tenfold
- Entr'âges asbl will help us to imagine a fairer way of living together

LEARN TO GROW (team orange)

Dive into the workshops organised by our User Experience (UX) team who will invite you to go beyond your limits and beliefs !

Here are the partners who will be hosting workshops under the theme LEARN TO GROW:

Roxeha will show us how to turn our failures into successes

Ukrainian Institute will give us hope in this time of crisis

- FAML will guide us in finding alternatives towards a fairer society